UX/UI Workbook 🇺🇸 [pdf]





Release Date

January 22, 2022

Update Date

February 22, 2022

In this workbook, we’ll design an app together, from scratch. It’s an app that lets the user take care of their plants and track their growth . Even though we’re designing a mobile app, the things you’ll learn will also apply to web design.

We’ll cover both the UX and UI parts.

And guess what… you’re involved! That’s right. It’s a workbook, so in many places inside it you’ll find places to add notes and answer various interesting questions. This way, you’re not only consuming, but also creating. 

We’re going to explain every single decision we made during the design process. Designing great UX and UI requires a lot of brainstorming – after all, it’s all about making good decisions. That’s exactly what you’ll learn with our workbook. Of course, that’s not all…

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